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Is Medigap Plan F High Deductible Going Away

is medigap plan F high deductible going away

Is Medigap plan f high deductible going away? This rumor has been on the books for years, based on the unbelief that anyone would actually sign up for such a plan. With the high deductibles assigned to the plan, it is often unlikely that any clients would actually meet their minimum in order to qualify for coverage. Remember that other insurance payments don’t go towards the deductible of the plan, so it has to be directly affecting that threshold. Often times those who are broad enough to sign up for the plan do so as a status symbol and don’t have any family to leave their wealtf to after passing away. If that was the case, what difference does it make on what they spent their money on?

Is Medigap Plan F High Deductible Going Away?

So, is Medigap plan F high deductible going away? This is an old rumor that has been going around for years, specifically because of the irrationality of the plan. The deductible is so high that nearly no one would require that much hospitalization and still live that might be able to use it. It is one of the little dirty secrets of the insurance industry and demonstrates their collusion with the federal government to keep up in a debt/credit cycle.

What is Happening with Plan F

Then, what is happening with plan F? The high deductible plan continues to be a sore spot when it comes to price comparisons and related cost-efficient plans. The reason being is that few will actually see the benefits of the plan and will require other policies to cover the gap until the deductible is paid. If anything, it is an ego boost, being able to tell people that instead of buying a solid gold coat, you bought plan F. Nothing could be more useless, unless you say it might be Plan G.

High Deductible Plan G

High deductible plan G is just as much an issue for making the payments as plan f. Plan your spending budget accordingly.

Should I Buy Medicare F or G?

So, is Medigap plan F high deductible going away? Despite years of rumors, it is unlikely this plan will be fading away anytime soon. This is because of the low overhead, relatively speaking, the insurance companies have in maintaining those plans and the incredible profit these plans make for them. A plan F choice on your supplemental selections might look right as rain and feel like it is an important aspect of comprehensive health care plan, but the truth is that it is often a waste of money. If, however, that is exactly what you are looking for then this is the plan for you. Should I buy Medicare F or G? They are both the same, with high costs with little achievable benefits.

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