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Is Name Brand Better than Generic

is name brand better than generic

How many times have you brought up a question for your insurance agent that is only turned around into a sales pitch? We can guess it has been more than once, and before the 1970s, this would never have been the case. Back then, it was actually criminally illegal to profit from health care, meaning that the charges incurred were reasonable in relativity to the issue at hand. Sure, ambulances were privatized, but they weren’t out to drain you of your personal wealth like hospitals and health insurance companies’ scheme to do these days. This is also apparent in the medications you are prescribed by doctors, who, by the way, are paid by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe specific brands. So with this in mind, is name brand better than generic drugs? In this article, we will review this issue and provide you with some important information.

Is Name Brand Better than Generic?

So, is name brand better than generic? The short and simple answer is no, just as long as your generic is coming through your pharmacy, face to face with your pharmacist. If you are mail-ordering it, you are bound to have a bad experience.

Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

The difference between generic and brand name drugs is simply the price they are being charged for. Brand names are looking for the highest dales margin possible, while generics just want to move profit.

Name Brand vs Generic Statistics

In the name brand vs generic statistics, the same chemical formulation is used in both, with the same exact results.

Generic vs Brand Name Drugs List

So, is name brand better than generic? The simple answer is no, but you can rest assured the marketing will never say that to you, nor will your doctor. Because of kickbacks and the profit margins made on brand name drugs, you will always be sent to the pricey side. However, generic drugs made by reputable manufacturers with a license to sell u=in the US is the very dame, identical drug as the brand name. That’s the point. If you want to know how to save money, look at your prescription name and perform an online search yourself for a generic equivalent. In the generic vs brand name drugs list, a generic is always going to be your better bet.

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