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Is Obamacare an Insurance Plan

is obamacare an insurance plan

In the mad rush to sign and make legal the government plan known as Obamacare, many people were left in the dark with consideration to exactly what it was. There was debate on the floor of congress and on the streets. Some were saying it would be the downfall of the American ideal while others promised it would raise us up as a nation. A lot of banter was going back and forth on what the plan was, but few had the foresight to stop and provide a logical discussion and exactly what it was. This left a lot of people wondering is Obamacare an insurance plan or something more? With some patience and clarity, this article will help to define exactly what it is.

Is Obamacare an Insurance Plan or Something Else?

To keep the answer simple, you must first understand the motivations behind the plan. Before it came to be, many Americans were foregoing carrying health insurance because of the oppressive costs. To budget in a few hundred dollars a month for something that may or may not be effective when your dependents were ill was a huge factor. Many consumers realized that if they didn’t carry insurance, they could still gain free healthcare by going to hospital emergency rooms, where the costs would be picked up by others who actually had insurance plans. This made it more costly and cumbersome than it had to be. This is why when the plan came out, many wondered if it would be worth it, and also is Obamacare an insurance plan.

Is Obamacare an Insurance Plan-The Answer

Obamacare is a national directive and mandate where the government is requiring all Americans to carry their own health insurance policies. This technically would reduce the burden of extra payments by those who do in fact carry insurance, making it fair. But, the downside to the plan is that the penalties have been removed from the mandate, meaning that if you don’t have insurance when you are supposed to, nothing will happen. There will be no penalty and no fines if this soft law is broken. This means that the system will right itself again to what it was before. Therefore, to answer the question is a straight manner, is Obamacare an insurance plan, the answer is no. It is a portal for people to search for a federally mandated insurance policy and a method for purchasing them when selected.

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