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Is Obamacare Free for the Unemployed

is obamacare free for the unemployed

Knowing that there is an affordable health care system available may help a great deal of consumers, but often those in the hardest shape feel the pinch all the more. This system is set up to assist those in the most need, and that is what it was designed to do. How is Obamacare free for the unemployed? This question is critical, especially if you fall under that category. Take a moment now to review your personal situation and continue reading along with this article.

Is Obamacare Free for the Unemployed

How is Obamacare free for the unemployed? Well, the answer lies in the establishment of the program. When congress enacted the affordable healthcare act, the idea was to take away some of the power left to the insurance companies who self-regulated their fee structures. This meant they were finding the highest rates possible to charge for polices, all the while ignoring those who couldn’t pay and therefore needed insurance the most. When the federal exchange program was unveiled, several options were made available to those who were in the lowest income bracket so they could receive health care coverage as well. These members were eligible through the Obamacare unemployed exemption.

Obamacare Unemployed Exemption

The Obamacare unemployed exemption removes the need to carrying expensive monthly insurance premiums when you have no way to pay for them. This exemption works to remove the penalties associated from the mandated program rules that states that all consumers must have some form of health care policy. To become eligible for this policy, you must prove a status of unemployment and be working with your local unemployment insurance office to rectify that situation. To start the process, your caseworker will provide you with a hardship exemption form to fill out.

Hardship Exemption Form

Your hardship exemption form will have space for you to fill in your pertinent information, as well as section used by your case worker. Once completed, file the form with the federal exchange at the address provided on the form and you will be exempt from coverage requirements should you be accepted. Once that is done, you don’t want to go without, so now is the time to investigate free health insurance.

Free Health Insurance

Though not an easy thing to come across, there are programs established for low to zero-income consumers who wish to maintain some sort of insurance coverage. Though the finances might not be there, there are free health insurance programs out there. So, how is Obamacare free for the unemployed? The answer lies in the basics of the program. Everyone deserves affordable health care coverage, even those who can’t afford to pay for it.

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