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Is Obamacare the Same as Medicaid

is obamacare the same as medicaid

The world of health insurance only got more confusing on the early part of the 21st century for those who bought into the mandated threats of the US government. By not having health insurance, folks would see a penalty attached to their taxes if they didn’t declare. However, there was no way to verify the conditions of an insurance claim, so those who simply said yes, we have insurance, didn’t have to pay a penalty. Great planning on the part of the government. The theory behind this is that the penalty was not legal. It was by presidential decree, therefore not something voted on the consumers themselves. No taxation without representation, remember? So, the system started to fall apart as more folks realized this loophole. Penalties were removed a few years later when the allegations of this came to light. Is Obamacare the same as Medicaid? No, but one does belong to the other. We will discuss this in the following article.

Is Obamacare the Same as Medicaid?

So, is Obamacare the same as Medicaid? No, it is not. Obamacare is the program that supposedly helps people buy cheap health insurance in an environment that makes its money off the working poor. Medicaid is the federal program providing health insurance and care to the very poor.

Medicaid Expansion

In the Medicaid expansion plans, the threshold would be moved for those who are in need of health insurance. It could mean that more folks could be eligible for Medicaid than ever before.

Apply for Medicaid

To apply for Medicaid, you can use the Obamacare ACA exchange website. There you will have the qualifications checks performed to ensure you are eligible for the program.

How to Get Obamacare

So, is Obamacare the same as Medicaid? No, because Obamacare is an administrative function of the government supposedly there to provide affordable health care to the public. It isn’t that way, because the insurance companies are unregulated on the exchange and can charge whatever they think they can get away with. If you are being mandated to buy a private item by the government under penalty of the law, you are in a dictatorship bent on enriching its own coffers. How to get Obamacare is as simple as going online and filling out the application, though you would be better off getting yourself private insurance.

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