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Is the Obamacare Website Crashing?

Is the Obamacare Website Crashing?

We now know why the debut of the Obamacare health insurance shopping website was such a failure that only six people in the entire country got it to work well enough to select coverage on the day it launched in 2013. The big question now is that “Is the Obamacare Website Crashing
A new study of the boondoggle describes a government machine running on autopilot to a destination of doom. Fragmented leadership refused to acknowledge the looming meltdown despite mounting evidence, then failed to change course until it was too late.

The website, a tool critical to achieving the Affordable Care Act’s goal of providing health insurance to all, faced “a high risk of failure” from the start because it was a complicated task on a fixed deadline, according to the study released Tuesday by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Is the Obamacare Website Crashing factors

It ultimately failed because of several factors, the inspector general concluded, including poor technical decisions and wasting too much time developing policy and not enough time creating the website.

“The corrections were too weak and late to avert the poor outcome,” the inspector general concluded.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services was in charge of building the site. It works now, but its debut was a disaster and a public relations nightmare for a politically charged program that many wanted to see fail.

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March 2010. It required the establishment of a website where people could shop for coverage. The government chose a launch date of Oct. 1, 2013, and never considered delaying that, even as the project deteriorated.

Obamacare Website Breakdowns

Work on the website started in 2010. During the first two years, the project suffered from communication breakdowns and needlessly complex implementation, the inspector general’s report says. A key contract to develop the website was “mismanaged,” and the project continued changing even as the deadline neared. Is the Obamacare website is crashing?; definitely.

Participation in Obama

Some states balked at participating in Obamacare, creating uncertainties over whether states would build their own online marketplaces or rely on the federal one. Questions about future funding from Congress and the Supreme Court’s review of the insurance mandate, which was not decided until 2012, also loomed over the project.

Senior leadership at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services didn’t assign one person to take overall responsibility for the job until near its end. Contractors on the project said the result was that they received “inconsistent direction” from multiple departments.
Some officials complained that the involvement of White House staff added to the bureaucracy and delayed decisions.

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