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Is the VA Run by the Government

is the VA run by the government

The red tape and hassle of politics surrounds the greed and avarice of politicians and the corporations that own them. The paperwork is a smoke screen to keep average citizens from seeing exactly what is occurring behind the green curtain. To this end, the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid are just as complicit in the downfall of the working poor as the greedy ivory tower oligarchs running this country. For veterans who don’t know the answer yet, this can be a frightening thing, knowing their expendability is a target for those who want to keep the status quo as it is. Independence and free-thinking are not attributes admired in the capitol, so that means that subversion and care must be taken to remain off the radar. Is the VA run by the government? In a way, yes it is, but the actual administration is run internally by those who know how to keep a low profile in an age of profit-mongering and back-stabbing politics.

Is the VA Run by the Government?

So, is the VA run by the government? No, it is not. The government provides funding for the system, but has no hand in the actual running of the program. This is left to people who actually know what they are doing.

VA Hospital

A VA hospital is an oasis from a maddening world, where everyone there understands and can communicate in the same manner. This raises the success rate for healing, whether it is of a physical or mental nature.

VA Benefits

VA benefits are only awarded to those members of the military who separated honorably from the service.

Veterans Health Administration

So, is the VA run by the government? Not directly. The government provides the funding for the veterans health administration, but the VA itself runs the show. Much like the national parks system or NASA, the government funds the activities but has absolutely no idea how to run the operation. To this end, the funding is there but not the red tape. There are no restrictions placed on the VA for the policies and procedures, so therefore the VA is able to do what they do best without a bunch of no-nothings telling them how to spend their money or how to treat the very specialized patients who utilize the VA system.

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