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Is There an Over the Counter Blood Pressure Medicine

is there an over the counter blood pressure medicine

Any which way you can discover to save yourself a little money on your monthly health bills is a way you can keep some of your personal wealth in your pocket. The more wealth you have, the greater voice you have in the government, and beyond having a more comfortable living arrangement you can expect during your retirement years. Of course, if you already at retirement age and did nothing to plan for it when you were younger, you are going to have a tough time of things. That is simply the way the world works, whether you agree with it or not. If you are looking for a change, start looking out for yourself. Is there an over the counter blood pressure medicine you can buy to simplify your monthly bills? We will explore this question in the following article.

Is There an Over the Counter Blood Pressure Medicine?

So, is there an over the counter blood pressure medicine? There is, but you need to do some consultation with your doctor first before self-prescribing it. The levels of potency and effectiveness are reduced, as are the control measures and protections. If you have questions, please consult with your doctor or nurse to do what is best for your situation.

Best Medicine for High Blood Pressure

The best medicine for high blood pressure is a healthy living regimen and eating healthy. Once you get to a point where you need medication, it is the one your doctor prescribes.

Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure

Supplements to lower blood pressure include a diet of healthy eating options provided by your dietician, as well as vitamin supplements that work to bolster your system.

Over the Counter High Blood Pressure Medication

So, is there an over the counter blood pressure medication that can reduce your dependency on expensive brand name drugs, or even a few bucks off of the generic equivalents? There are certainly adjusted treatments that allow you to use over the counter options to control your high blood pressure, but seeing as how your medication is considered a controlled-substance, you are going to have to use your prescription in lieu of saving some money, at least until you get it under control. Over the counter high blood pressure medication does exist, but not in the strengths that might be prescribed by your doctor.

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