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Is Universal Health Care Good

is universal health care good

Too many times, consumers take a quick look at their retirement plans and presume everything is going to work out alright. Unfortunately, this is a case of making presumptions about the quality of their plans, from everything from trusts to investment decisions. Many lives have been ruined simply by misplaced trust. This is the same case with medical cover in the US where millions of consumers trust the government will provide adequate health care through the current social security pay-it-forward system. When these folks get to retirement, they learn that the opposite is true, and their Medicare or Medicaid is completely wrong for their situation. There are options, just as the rest of the world is utilizing. But, is universal health care good?

Is Universal Health Care Good?

So, is universal health care good? It most certainly is, with efficient, well-trained and subsidized doctors the care is light years ahead of the current state of medical care. By providing for the common good, the country would be able to reduce massive debt while establishing a positive and worthy addition to our nation’s registers.

Universal Healthcare Benefits

Universal healthcare benefits include free health care paid for through taxes, an improvement in access and training in medical facilities and a longer life expectancy for consumers.

Universal Healthcare Debate

The universal healthcare debate is spawned by those special interest groups who profit from the broken system. The idea of for the people and by the people has long since passed.

Universal Healthcare Cost

So, is universal health care good? When exploring the possibilities that a socialized health care system can bring quality, comprehensive care to the entire population of the country for a fraction of the costs associated with private and current government programs, then yes, universal healthcare is good. However, there are difficulties that exist so that the system will never be put into effect in this country. Universal healthcare cost is so low simply because there is no profit margin in it for the private insurance companies or their stock holders. There is no monetary gain expected from supporting the system. And since this country is based on greed and corruption, those in power would never let it come to pass. The change is needed, and it is the right of every citizen to receive health care, but under the conditions we have allowed our government to develop, it is a pipe dream that will never come to pass.

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