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Once I’m enrolled, what do I do next?

After enrolling, new members will receive a welcome letter and informational brochure from their insurance company. Additionally, they will receive an enrollment package and a membership ID card from their health insurance company.

Members can start using services covered by their health insurance plan in the following month after making their first payment, even before receiving their membership ID card.

Before visiting a healthcare provider, ensure that the provider is part of the network associated with your chosen health plan. If you see the provider before obtaining your membership ID card, you may be required to sign an agreement to cover the service costs in case you cannot provide proof of health insurance.

In the event that the provider later sends you a bill or claim for the care received, it is likely that you will already be registered in your health insurance company’s system by that time. Once you have your membership ID card, you can easily reach out to your provider, provide them with your membership ID card number, and request that the bill be resubmitted directly to your health insurance company.

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