Serving ACA (Obama Care) in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia


Self-Employed People

A health plan offered through Obama Care Quotes is an excellent choice for individuals who are self-employed. This category includes freelancers, independent contractors, and others who do not have employees, and they constitute a significant portion of Obama Care Quote users.

Your premium costs are determined based on your estimated net income for the year you’ll be covered, rather than the previous year. Estimating income can be challenging for self-employed individuals because it’s often uncertain how much they’ll earn in the upcoming year, which is crucial information for calculating monthly premiums. To arrive at a reasonable estimate, self-employed individuals can utilize industry trends and their past earnings as reference points.

If it becomes apparent that your yearly net income will be different from your initial estimate, you have the option to log in to your account and update the information you previously provided. In cases where you end up earning more than your estimate during tax time, you might be required to repay a portion or all of the financial assistance you received in the form of Advanced Premium Tax Credits. Conversely, if you earn less than expected, you could be eligible for a refund.

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