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Obamacare Pros and Cons

obamacare pros and cons

In the search for reliable and affordable health care, the system that most shows up these days in search results is the federally mandated program, Obamacare. Millions of Americans have signed up for the program, and many have found a reasonable amount of success in using their policies. However, like any other large-scale system, there are issues with the insurance provision that aren’t always discussed. Today, this article is going to spend some serious time looking at the system known as Obamacare pros and cons. With a little knowledge, some education and patience, anyone can make sound sense out of the system and make a decision to sign up through it by weighing the good and bad traits inherited within.

Obamacare Pros and Cons

To begin, let’s look at the foundation of the Obamacare system. In an apparent need to provide universal health care for citizens, the government decided to institute a system where Americans would still pay high premium rates to insurance companies for coverage, but now would face legal troubles if they didn’t sign up. To make is seem balanced, the government started the federal and state exchanges where they could control the sign ups, and collect personal information at the same time, leading to a stronger government control over the citizenship’s lives. The system worked well for all parties for a while, but without regulation, the insurance companies began drastically increasing their premiums now that people felt they had nowhere else to turn. The Obamacare pros and cons began to be heavily leaning toward the cons.

Obamacare Pros and Cons-Some Positives

For a positive spin, the healthcare exchanges made it mindlessly easy to sign up for a healthcare policy. The details of the policies aside, consumers were able to sign-up for a policy within ten minutes and feel secure that they wouldn’t face penalties for being out of compliance with federal law. This meant basic health care issues could be taken care of, and they could file their taxes without fear of reprisal. With the end of the Obama presidency, the regulations were change so those consumers not in compliance wouldn’t face criminal charges, but still would see a restriction of their basic rights such as the ability to vote (registration restrictions), file for tax returns (garnishment) and apply for federal aid (student loans.) If these three issues were not something someone cared about, the government would pretty much leave them alone to do their own thing. Of the Obamacare pros and cons, this was a definite stroke in the positive.

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