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14 Sep

Obamacare Telephone Number/Your Personal Access

Obamacare Telephone Number

Obamacare Telephone Number

In the age of telecommunications and internet servers, it is comforting to know that old fashioned methods of contacting those who you need to speak with are still in service. To this end, you are still able to actually call up the federal government on certain things and speak with a live person one-on-one. One to these traditional services has maintained to be the internal revenue service, and you can still call the interior department to talk about bald eagle protected sanctuaries. Now, if the need arises, you can also speak with someone about your federally mandated insurance policy. All you need to know is your very own personal Obamacare telephone number.

Obamacare Telephone Number

To access your straight phone line to an insurance representative in the federal government, all you need to do is first log into the national healthcare exchange and log into your account using your user name and password. For many, the user name became either their social security number or their email address used when signing up. Of course, you also had an option to create any type of user name so hopefully it was something you could remember. Then, you would put in your password. This was generated by you but seeing as how the prompts for the system made you change it somewhat, if you forgot it, simply access the forgot password link and reset it. Once you have that information squared away, your Obamacare telephone number is a short distance away.

Your Obamacare Telephone Number

Now that you are logged into your account, look for a button on the side navigation widow that floats and is labeled as contact us. If you don’t see it, it may also be hiding in a section called more information. Click on this link, and read the information contained within. You will see info on physical locations of services related to your account, as well as a large list of blue-highlighted telephone numbers. Each is specifically label and leads to a different telephone number. Search the list for your identifiers, such as geographic area or health care plan, and click on the link. This is what you have been looking for, and on the other end is a list of names and phone numbers that you can contact concerning your Obamacare telephone number inquiries. Write your number down on a piece of paper so you never have to dig through the health insurance site again.

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