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Problems with Obamacare

problems with obamacare

Though there were positive benefits with the ACA, there were just as many problems with Obamacare as well. As a ground-breaking program, in the US at least, Obamacare became a scapegoat and rider for many un popular laws when it was enacted. On a more personal level, citizens saw a drastic increase in insurance prices, a crumbling customer service care provision, and a variety of issues that left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

Problems with Obamacare

So yes, there are problems with Obamacare. It seems that many subscribers found their rates skyrocketing after only a year, as the unchecked policies ballooned to ensure healthy profits for the insurance companies. The issue lay in the fact that the government tried to balance private concerns of tax-paying corporate entities while giving the public what they thought they wanted. As the US is not a socialist state, this meant making the public healthcare system one that was driven by profits. It was kind of like bringing down the cookie jar from the shelf and walking away.

Obamacare Pros and Cons

But not all was bad. In fact, there is a good balance of Obamacare pros and cons. For instance, many Americans did have healthcare for a time that fit into their budget. They became educated in the process and the lingo, making it simpler to shop for a more reasonable policy away from the influences of the exchange. Veterans, government employees and those that fell in the lowest income brackets saw a slight broadening of their free health care benefits.

Good Things About Obamacare

For the good things about Obamacare, many Americans did in fact learn to be more prudent when it comes to trusting the good intentions of their politicians. The program drew out the comparison between parties, demonstrating that in DC, everyone is equally to blame due to greed and a desire for influence. The plan also brought to the national stage socialist leaders who promised to change the corrupt system that has firmly entrenched itself within the beltway.

Negative Things About Obamacare

Lastly, the problems with Obamacare brought to light the willingness of citizens to begin to take charge of their lives once again, relying less on unsubstantiated news reporting and social media to inform them of what was important. The negative things about Obamacare are numerous, but the benefits were an awakening of the public consciousness.

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