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Should I Join the Military for Medical School

should I join the military for medical school

There are many personal decisions that a young person should consider before heading out into the world, and a possible career choice is one of them. They may have had small part time jobs before, where they not only made a little money but also learned of different types of work they were suited for. One job, however, is not something a young person would really have a chance to try out, and that is being a doctor. It is perhaps the greatest opportunity for a poor kid to get out of poverty, as long as the grades are good and the prospect of heavy debt doesn’t bother them. Many places offer medical degrees, but there are some that are a little easier than others. Should I join the military for medical school? A good question, and we’ll explore the answer in this article.

Should I Join the Military for Medical School?

So, should I join the military for medical school? The option is available to anyone who qualifies for the job rating once they take the ASVAB, a military aptitude test that opens the possibility of jobs for you in the service.

Navy Medical School

Navy medical school is most likely the best, with mixed training in both active combat medicine and hospital management aboard medical ships and hospitals overseas that see active duty personnel.

Air Force Medical School

On the other hand, air force medical school is a joke and should be avoided. A designation in the air force as a doctor is as useful and being a nose picker.

How to Get into Military Medical School

So, should I join the military for medical school? If the prospect of an easier time in medical school is a favorable outcome for yourself, though it means fewer opportunities when you enter the civilian sector, then go for it. Knowing how to get into military medical school is as easy as going to a recruiting center and tasking the ASVAB. Id the recruiters feel you would make a fine military doctor, then they will set you on your new path. If they feel you aren’t cut out for the position, try a different branch of the military. It’s all as simple as that once you sign on the dotted line.

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