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Should Universal Healthcare Be Free

should universal healthcare be free

In the debate over universal healthcare, where do you stand? On the one hand, it is an expense. Though nowhere near the expense of maintaining even a simple, supplementary insurance plan to bolster Medicare, but it does cost you money, in the form of taxes and socialized deductions from your paycheck. On the other hand, it is the right of every citizen to have access to health care, especially when the nation to which they consider themselves citizens of is there to protect, develop and maintain their individual rights. A government for the people, by the people. So, when it comes down to it, should universal health care be free? Remember, free is the fact that it is paid for through your contributions, minimal they would be, and that access to health care wouldn’t come with a price tag. Are you in?

Should Universal Healthcare Be Free?

Should universal healthcare be free? Let’s examine the facts. Free doesn’t mean there is no input from you. It comes in the form of already existing taxes and social security deductions that shore up a failed Medicare system. Is this sounding conspiratorial yet?

Benefits of Free Health Care

The benefits of free healthcare are a reduction in taxes, increases in personal health and income generation as well as a firmer grip on wealth across all of the social classes with the exception of the wealthy, who have made it their life’s goal to strip your wealth for their own gain.

Pros and Cons of Free Health Care

The pros and cons of free health care can be debated all day long and well into the night, but where does this leave you? Would you rather have quality healthcare that is already paid for, with no worry of how you are going to pay it, or would you rather continue to be fleeced by the ultra-rich for your minimum wage paycheck?

Universal Health Care Debate

So, should universal healthcare be free? The question is an opposition-based approach, delineating that it would cost you more now that your supplemental insurance premiums you already pay to a private insurance company. Even if you have Medicare or Medicaid. The hard fact is that a cost of universal healthcare is minuscule compared to the hundreds if not thousands of dollars you pay every year for private coverage. The universal health care debate centers around one very glaring fact. If the for-profit motivations of the system are removed, as is the case of health insurance companies, then the richer wouldn’t be as rich as they are right now. Simple, right?

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