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What Are the 10 Essential Benefits of Obamacare

what are the 10 essential benefits of obamacare

Health care concerns just about everyone in the country, with changing laws each day in what you can and can’t claim. Then, there is the threat of legal action and punitive actions against those who don’t have enough. The point is, the state of health care coverage is out of everyone’s hands except the insurance companies, who write laws that only benefits themselves and leave the consumers out in the rain. The purpose of universal health care was to ensure that those who needed health insurance coverage would receive it at a price that worked for them, not the insurance conglomerates. Of course, this wasn’t going to fly. Too much money is made from health insurance coverage, and therefore any mandatory enrollment into a federal program was never going to be in the best interest of the consumer. What are the 10 essential benefits of Obamacare? We will look at this in the following article.

What Are the 10 Essential Benefits of Obamacare?

So, what are the 10 essential benefits of Obamacare? This list is a twisted look at the benefits that insurance conglomerates retain from hosting the exchange. From predatory pricing to mandatory fines for those who don’t comply with the law, the system is disallowing the consumer public to have a say in their own health and wellbeing.

Essential Health Benefits by State

Of course, there are variances in essential health benefits by state, but these are so convoluted that none actually get to see the light of day.

Affordable Care Act Benefits Statement

You can also review your affordable care act benefits statement when you receive it in the mail to see what you might be getting for your mandated dollar.

What Does Obamacare Cover?

So, what are the 10 essential benefits of Obamacare? Rather, what does Obamacare cover? It doesn’t cover anything other than the mandate stating that all consumers must purchase private, for-profit health insurance policies or be penalized under the law. This meant massive fines for those who weren’t complying. It was these punishments that drive even more folks into the class of the working poor, and began a realization among the majority that the government was no longer an entity that looked out for their best interest. In other words, the curtain was lifted and we saw for the first time in broad daylight the companies that are running our government on their behalf.

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