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What are the Types of Traditional Medicine

what are the types of traditional medicine

In the world of late-night TV commercials, there are plenty of chemically manufactured drugs that promise relief with only a few nasty side-affects. The thing is, there are solutions that won’t kill you or make you sicker. In fact, the drug companies know this but as there is no profit in a holistic approach, you never hear about your options. What are the types of traditional medicine? Knowing these will definitely be in your best interest as well as that of your body. This article will go into the various types as well as what they are commonly used for. To learn more, please keep reading.

What are the Types of Traditional Medicine?

So, what are the types of traditional medicine? All around the world there are different types based on geography, herbology and spiritual understanding, but they all have the same thing in common. That is a complete approach to body wellness through methods overlooked by western medicine. From cures to the common cold to treatments for cancer, traditional medicine is there to pick up the slack the drug companies don’t want you to discover about your own body wellness, simply because there’s no profit in curing you too quickly. 

Traditional Medicine Examples

Traditional medicine examples include chiropractic, massage therapy, herbal remedies, sound deprivation, acupuncture and a whole host of other practices found all over the world. These have worked for thousands of years and successfully brought the world to where we know it today. The approach is so simple is almost comical how the pharmaceutical companies are so scared of such practices. All your body needs is a diagnosis of the related causes of your injury or illness and the therapy that fits your needs will be self-evident.

List of Traditional Medicines

A list of traditional medicines is available at any local health food store as well as related communities. The internet is a great source for information as well so don’t overlook a google search to discover what is holding you back.

Complementary Medicine

So, what are the types of traditional medicine? These are the practices of laying of hands, meditation, spiritual maintenance and a whole host of other related practices that act as complementary medicine to western healing practices. The mind must be in harmony with the body for a truly healing experience, and holistic alternative medicines do just this.

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