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What Did Obamacare Change

What Did Obamacare Change

Several attempts have been made by Obamacare’s critics to repeal and replace the law in recent times. One may now ask “what did Obamacare change?” Either you support Obamacare or hate it; the law’s provisions have had great effects on healthcare behavior. This post will explain changes that have been made to Obamacare since its inception, arguments made and against it, how it has helped Americans.

What Did Obamacare Change?

What did Obamacare change? There are many ways changes that have been made to Obamacare by the Trump’s administration. Few of them will be mentioned here. Firstly, the duration of open enrollment has been reduced from 30 days to 15 days. In addition, the fund that is normally made available for advertising the program has been slashed by 90%. The three-month grace period usually given by insurers to customers that owe from the past year of premiums prior applying to a new year’s policy has been removed. People enrolling during the special enrollment periods are now to show proof that they are eligible first. Besides, employers who purchase health insurance to their employees are now flexible about coverage for contraception.

Arguments in Favor of Obamacare

There are some arguments in favor of Obamacare. It has been established that the policy enabled millions of Americans to obtain health insurance. It also provides access to medical services that one might not otherwise be able to afford. Obamacare reduces the total cost of services by healthcare providers and make individual and family health insurance policies affordable to people. Additional arguments in favor of Obamacare are: it improves covering for pre-existing and mental health conditions. It also provides parent’s health care insurance to children and young adults.

Arguments against Obamacare

Some arguments against Obamacare have been established by its critics. According to them, health insurance companies are not making enough profit to offer incentives to people they offer Obamacare to. Besides, Americans should not be compelled to carry health insurance, not to pay a fine. In addition, it was argued that pharmaceutical costs under Obamacare are still high and the health insurance industry is after its own financial benefit.

Essential Health Benefits of Obamacare

There are essential health benefits of Obanacare that everyone in the individual and small group health insurance markets has access to. They fall into the following categories:

• Ambulatory patient services.
• Pediatric and emergency services.
• Preventive services and management of chronic diseases.
• Hospitalization and prescription of drugs.
• Maternity, newborn care and mental health care.
• Laboratory services, habilitative and rehabilitative services.

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