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What Diseases Do Nephrologists Treat

what diseases do nephrologists treat

Medicine is a constantly evolving field with the same results each and every time. It almost seems as though the processes being updated are the ones set up to charge us more money to tell us we have a lump on our head that isn’t worth bothering about or letting us know we have terminal cancer and don’t qualify for a test study that is going on with a medication that will definitely help cure us. The thing is, doctors don’t become doctors because they want to heal someone, but rather to make the largest paycheck with the least amount of work. Nephrologists are like this. They are hyper-specialists that you think you need when you don’t, and when you finally decide to speak with one, they will charge you several thousand dollars to let you know you should eat better and diet and exercise. What diseases do nephrologists treat? We will get into that now.

What Diseases Do Nephrologists Treat?

So, what diseases do nephrologists treat? They treat the expensive kinds, from blood vessel decay to calcification of the veins to heart disease. Anything that has to do with the kidneys and how they function in your body. These are specialty diseases and ones that are in the nephrologist’s realm.

Nephrology Diseases

There are many nephrology diseases, including chronic kidney diseases, STDs such as hepatitis and syphilis as well as pre-natal diseases that are affected by your circulatory system. Truly, nephrologists can have their hands on any part of your body for a wide variety of reasons.

Nephrology Doctors

Nephrology doctors are some of the very most specialized physicians in the industry and command an extremely high salary in return. It is a supply and demand situation, where those who have the skills as in demand as them can set their price for services as high or even higher than the market can bare. You will never see them as a primary care physician, only being called to the scene after it is deemed neccasary.

Chronic Kidney Disease

So, what diseases do nephrologists treat? They treat the diseases that effect, your internal sewage system. They treat things like chronic kidney disease that hinder your body’s ability to process toxin and such from your system. They treat veins and arteries, as well as the millions of miles of motor neuron connected blood vessels. In short, they treat your physical organs that maintain your circulatory and renal systems.

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