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What Do Nephrologists Treat

what do nephrologists treat

There are of course many specialties in medicine, with several well-known to patients and casual medical followers. However, on occasion, someone stumbles across a medical practice that they’ve never heard of. These are often the unsung heroes of the medical profession, and ones that you would never think of unless you had need of their services. One such practice is nephrology. They are as common as cardiologists and oncologists, but their specialty means they aren’t often the primary physician on a case. They tend to be more of a referral profession and if you need one, you will be glad they are available. What do nephrologists treat? In this article, we will explore this specialized medical practice and answer and questions you might have along the way.

What Do Nephrologists Treat?

So, what do nephrologists treat? They treat symptoms related to the circulatory system, from veins and arteries to blood vessels themselves. Nephrologists are not usually your primary care doctor, so you will see them on referral.

Nephrology Doctors

Nephrology doctors are a strange breed of physicians, often not even keeping an office for themselves. They tend to work through hospitals and clinics, specializing in the diseases of the circulatory system.

Nephrology and Hypertension Specialists

Between nephrology and hypertension specialists, you can expect a high insurance rate for their treatment. This is because the expense of going out of network is always added on, and the treatment is so specialized you have little choice in the matter.

What Diseases Does a Nephrologist Treat?

So, what do nephrologists treat? They specialize in the veins, arteries and miniscule blood vessels that make up the circulatory system. Then what diseases does a nephrologist treat? Everything from thrombosis to osteoarthritis to diabetes, and illness or disease that affects the wellbeing of your circulatory system, this means controlling swelling, moisture traps, blockages and a whole host of issues that might well affect your body. As they are not usually a primary care physician, as these symptoms are often part of a larger issues, you will only see them upon referral from your primary care provider. As such, the expense of their treatment might be excessive in terms of your insurance payments as they are specialists, but you can rest assured they will do the most with your treatment to heal you back to health.

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