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What Does 80 VA Disability Get You

what does 80 VA disability get you

So many questions revolve around the benefits and structures of the VA health care system that an entire industry has sprouted to provide answers to those with questions. For example, what does 80 VA disability get you? The majority of veterans who use the VA health care system are aware of there percentage of disability, but how many actually know the exact percentage and what it means for them in terms of benefits? From the standpoint of the VA, this is disheartening, but from the bigger federal picture, this makes perfect sense. The government is the one who eventually covers the bill for the veterans in its care, and to be honest, doesn’t like that they have to spend money that could be going into their own pockets, either through emoluments of kick-backs.

What Does 80 VA Disability Get You?

So, what does 80 VA disability get you? It gets you world-class health coverage and care, with a minimal if nor free costs for the services.

VA Disability Rates for Conditions

VA disability rates for conditions are easily accessible through you case worker, and once they are identified you will have them for life. The amount of damage percentage sustained during you military service will determine your rating.

VA Disability Rating Calculator

By using a VA disability rating calculator, you can determine your total percentage in terms of benefits and medical coverage. Many have around 10 percent, but those who are in the 100 percent range have a few extra benefits available to them.

VA Disability Rating for Depression

So, what does 80 VA disability get you? To start, you have full access to the VA system, with severely reduced health care costs if not completely free health care costs. The 80 percent means that you have lost 80 percent of your functionality as a direct result of your service in the military, most times from combat-related actions, though not always. When you first start using the VA system, you will be assessed by your intake team and they will record and document any actions you were in to determine the legitimacy of your claims. The VA disability rating for depression is one non-combat related incident that might be considered, so go in with an open mind and see where it takes you.

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