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What Does Medicare For All Cover

what does medicare for all cover

With the political circus ramping up again in the states, a great many new vocabulary words are crossing our paths. Universal healthcare, repeal, collusion and of course Medicare For All. In reality, all political parties want the same thing, your money, so it is simply an argument over who gets to be the one in power to take it. The new dialogues concerning health care are revolving around as if the solution is truly there, but as always, they are just other ways of complicating a simple matter that will never occur. The point is consumers deserve to have health care covered by the government. That’s why it is there, to serve our needs. It is the American way, period. Government for the people, by the people. It is not a government filled with leaders, but rather representatives. We have voted ourselves right out of our freedoms and have elected an oligarchic structure bent on taking us for every dime we have. What does Medicare For All cover? It covers the same thing the current failing Medicare system covers.

What Does Medicare For All Cover?

So, what does Medicare For All cover? It doesn’t cover anything, because it is not a new policy. Rather, it is a suggestion that more consumers become eligible for the current failing system in order to prop it up and increase revenue for the insurance companies.

What is Medicare For All?

What is Medicare For All? It is a system designed presumably to allow more consumers eligibility in the Medicare system, thereby increasing profit margins for the insurance companies.

Medicare For All Pros and Cons

The Medicare For All pros and cons is all on the side of the providers, not the consumers. The plan will cost more money than the current plan and will include more people so it will be more profitable.

How to Pay for Medicare For All?

So, what does Medicare For All cover? It covers the very same thing that Medicare plan a covers, and that is absolutely nothing. For actual coverage, you would need to get supplemental insurance from one of the alphabet policies that revolve around the Medicare system. How to pay for Medicare For All? IT will come out of increased taxes with nothing to show for it other than a decreased level of income for millions of consumers.

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