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What Insurance Does Active Duty Military Have

what insurance does active duty military have

Though sometimes morally questionable in its action, the military does offer a career choice for many who have little other skill sets. With training, travel and comradely, the military is a place many find themselves and their path in life. As an agent for the US overseas, military members receive orders that support the policies and direction for which the government uses to ensure foreign tranquility, the free flow of commodities to the US and projection of power against its enemies. It is a monumental task, but in the end, military members do receive benefits. They are paid a living wage, are provided with three square meals a day and have medical treatment provided. What insurance does active duty military have? In this article, we will review the simple relationship between military members and their healthcare options.

What Insurance Does Active Duty Military Have?

So, what insurance does active duty military have? For active duty military members, there is no requirement for having insurance on themselves, simply because they are tools of the government and are maintenance accordingly. However, for family members and dependents, there are cheap alternatives to health insurance that they can pick up, subsidized by the military as an extension of the active duty member’s benefits.

Active Duty Health Insurance

Active duty health insurance is designed for dependents. The active duty member themselves have no need for insurance, thanks to the extensive medical care they already receive on base.

Active Duty Tricare Standard

The active duty Tricare standard is a subsidized health insurance policy afforded to dependents, so that if they wished to have medical treatment, they could do so with the subsidies available through the military itself.

Can You Use Tricare Off Base?

So, what insurance does active duty military have? As the military regards its members as property in a sense, insurance is not a factor in an active duty military member’s life. Instead, there is a policy, low cost and heavily subsidized, called Tricare for dependents. Tricare covers medical expenses for families, no matter where they are seen. Can you use Tricare off base? You certainly can, though cheaper alternatives with just as good results can come from the hospital or clinic on base. As active duty, a military member is a tool that needs to be repaired and tuned up occasionally, and mandatory medical visits ensure this occurs. If something needs to be done, it simply is done. No financing paperwork required.

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