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What Insurance Qualifies Under Obamacare

what insurance qualifies under obamacare

There are plenty of options when considering health care plans, though the vast majority of consumers find themselves looking at the same high-priced, low-benefit structures as their neighbors have. The point it seems is to stay with the pack and enjoy the comforts of belonging to the same crowd. It is a mindset that the most advertised policies are the best, even though there really isn’t anything in the marketing that demonstrates why. Costs for health care just seem to be accepted as a fact, while shopping around for a better deal is beyond the capability of the instant satisfaction generations. What insurance qualifies under Obamacare? If you listen to the marketing coming out of the government, it appears to be only one type. And that is a travesty of the free trade consumerism ideals this country was founded on. To learn more about what your choices actually are, please continue to read along with the article as we try to demonstrate your forgotten options.

What Insurance Qualifies Under Obamacare?

So, what insurance qualifies under Obamacare? Any policy that requires you to provide a large portion of your income to pay for minimal benefits will be good enough to be eligible under the mandated directives of the ACA.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The health insurance marketplace likes it when you buy from them, as they can add a little more on top of your charges, but generally any policy you buy is going to be legitimate.

Minimum Essential Coverage Penalty

There might be a minimum essential coverage penalty added if you are deemed to be under-insured, but unless you are audited by the IRS, the government really isn’t going to know enough to charge you for it.

Qualifying Health Coverage

So, what insurance qualifies under Obamacare? The plain truth of the matter is that just about any health insurance policy qualifies as being compliant under the Obamacare directive. As long as you have acceptable coverage at a doctor’s office for medical expenses, and you are feeding into the system of for-profit underwriting with monthly payments based on credit, then you are holding on to a qualifying policy. Qualifying health coverage is marketed as being only available on the health exchange, either on a federal or state level, but the simple fact is it can be any policy that cares for you and your family while charging you an immense fee for the privilege.

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