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What is Medicare Part B Premium 2019

what is medicare part B premium 2019

There has been much said about the state of health care in this country, but few have actually provided the most important concern that all retirees have. The cost. There are plenty of innuendos and comparisons, though. For example, your monthly health care bill for Medicare equals a cup of coffee a day. For older folks, they presume that cup of coffee still costs a nickel or a dime or perhaps a quarter. However, the number is based on a premium roast coffee from a national chain that serves burnt beans and call them gourmet. Yes, that coffee. That $10 a cup of coffee, extra-large. Ten times thirty is three hundred, and that’s on the low end of the budgetary spectrum. What is Medicare part b premium 2019? It was two cups of that coffee a day.

What is Medicare Part B Premium 2019?

So, what is Medicare part b premium 2019? It is those two cups of coffee that are meant to lull you with false security. It is a massive percentage of your monthly retirement budget, working hard to keep you poor and uninvolved.

Medicare Premiums 2018

The Medicare premiums 2018 charts show a projection for costs to only rise in the coming years, where new plans are designed to support the greed and power hunger of the ultra-wealthy at your expense.

Medicare Part D Premiums 2019

In terms of Medicare part d premiums 2019, you can expect a marked increase in costs, as well as an ever sinking divide in available benefits.

Medicare Part B Cost 2019

The Medicare part b cost 2019 were a big motivator for many to join the Kool-Aid kids at the Obamacare fountain, letting the insurance companies rake in billions of dollars on policies that don’t do anything for the very consumers they were designed to help. Not a thing. So, what is Medicare part b premium 2019? Two large cups of way over-priced coffees to mislead the average consumer on a trail of bankruptcy and diminished retirement budgets. That means more money in the pockets of the insurance company oligarchs and less money going where it needs to go, to lift the working poor out of their perpetual slumber. It is a travesty, and maybe this election cycle we’ll see some action. However, with the state of the government, don’t bet on it.

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