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What is Modern Medicine

what is modern medicine

Much talk has been spent discussing the ins and outs of medical health care insurance over the past few years, with different sides of the aisle claiming they have the solution that is in the best interest of their constituents. However, not much has been said about the actual quality of the care being given, and the systems in place to protect consumers from predatory medical practices meant to work in conjunction with a failing debt and credit crisis, bolstering the wealthy in this country. Medical care is supposed to be for the good of the people, much like the government, but often it doesn’t work that way. Profits overtake even the most logical of decisions, making medical care a potentially slippery slope for ruin and financial loss. In this article, we will look at the most suggested logical choices you have for care, starting with a question. What is modern medicine?

What is Modern Medicine?

So, what is modern medicine? It is the practice of applying standardization to a common medical knowledge book, reliant on treating the symptoms of an illness. This includes surgeries and pharmacological solutions.

Advantages of Modern Medicine

The advantages of modern medicine are a few, including surgical tasks designed to remove symptoms of an illness, such as tumors, tissue damage and related issues. Though successful in removing these symptoms, modern medicine does little to attach the root cause of illness in a treatment program after diagnosis.

Folk Medicine Definition

A good folk medicine definition exists where the practice is seen through the eyes of the entire body. Illness is seen as a reaction to something, and folk medicine works to remove that cause and thereby remove the symptoms.

History of Modern Medicine

So, what is modern medicine? In the history of modern medicine, it is believed that modern practices became formalized after the dark ages period ended for western Europe. It was then that colleges and universities reopened to provide knowledge that was lost in the decay of western civilization during the plague years. Though this is the credited period, more formal medicinal training was taking place in the other parts of the world that didn’t go through the destruction of Europe’s educational foundation. Asian the middle east continued on the road to progress, even helping Europe get back on her feet intellectually.

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