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What Is The Annual Income Limit For Tax Credits

what is the annual income limit for tax credits

Many people ask the question, what is the annual income limit for tax credits? This comes as no surprise because every hard-working person should care about every cent they earn. Although paying taxes is the duty of every citizen, it does no harm to want to reduce the tax burden, when applicable. With tax credits, you can significantly reduce the overall amount of tax you pay to the government. To get tax credits, there are certain eligibility requirements to meet and then again, you have to apply for it, if eligible. . In general, tax credits are offered on activities that improve the economy and society (such as education); or that help ease the expenses of everyday life on families (such as child and dependent care).

What Is The Annual Income Limit For Tax Credits?

What is the annual income limit for tax credits in your state of residence? The federal government and each state government implements different tax credit programs to assist individuals and families in a variety of situations. This could be in the form of child care, dependent care, education expenses and so on. There are also eligibility requirements, which are specific to each location. Therefore, to know the income limit for tax credits, several elements have to be considered.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is applicable to taxpayers in the low- and middle-income categories. This tax credit was put in place to help ease the burden that payment of Social Security taxes puts on people in the low income bracket. Eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit is based on your income and other criteria such as:

• Your US citizenship or having legal residency within the tax year
• Aged between 25 and 65
• Valid social security for you and any qualifying member of your family
• File a tax return as an individual, married filing jointly, head of household or widowed.

In addition, your total investment income for the year must NOT exceed $3,600

Earned income credit 2019

To receive earned income credit for 2019 tax year, your earned income and adjusted gross income (AGI) must not exceed the limits allowed.

How Much Is The Child Tax Credit For 2019?

So, what is the annual limit for tax credits and you probably also want to know how much is the child tax credit for 2019?

The maximum amounts of credit you can receive in 2019 are as follows:
• $529 if there are no qualifying children
• $3,526 for one qualifying child
• $5,828 if you have two qualifying children and
• $6,557 if you filed for 3 or more qualifying children

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