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What is the Truth About Obamacare?

what is the truth about obamacare

Keeping in mind the amount of misdirection that various political affiliations put stock into concerning the benefits and pitfalls of socialized medicine, it is rare when someone comes out with a straightforward answer for what is the truth about Obamacare. To discover that fact, it is important to have a little education under the belt and to understand some basic terms and definitions that revolve around the federal mandate. To start, familiarize yourself with terms such as comprehensive coverage, insurance premiums, dependent care and social medical coverage. With these ideas well planted in your head, you are more than ready to embark on a little educational tour of the system known as Obamacare.

What is the Truth About Obamacare?

Knowing what is the truth about Obamacare starts with understanding why it came to pass. For years up until the 2000s, Americans rolled the dice when it came to buying health insurance. It is costly and many simply didn’t have the means in their budgets to purchase it. As in really expensive, sometimes ¾ of a monthly family budget. As insurance companies are private, for-profit institutions, there was no regulation as the insurance lobbyists wanted to protect their profits and those of their investors at the expense of citizens. Though still protected by the government in order to make insane profits, the federal and state exchanges were formed to pacify the masses and provide what was called affordable health care for everyone.

Is Obamacare Doomed to fail?

However, without motivation, many people still didn’t want to give up their budgets for something they saw as encroaching on their freedoms. Therefore, a provision was placed in the healthcare bill that penalized anyone who was a citizen and did not sign up for healthcare. This guaranteed the increased and protected profits of the insurance companies while at the same time reducing the costs of hospitals who in the past had offered free care to those who couldn’t afford it. What is the truth about Obamacare is that it was set up to support and defend private, for-profit insurance companies, not for the good of the citizens. Many argued that the system was doomed to fail from the beginning, as socialized medicine, meaning that healthcare that truly is free, is something that countries all around the world have but not the US. This is because the will and good of the people for the people has been replaced with protection for those who can best afford to protect their interests.

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