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What Medicare Covers

what medicare covers

If there’s anything in the world that makes us question the workings of the government, it’s what Medicare covers? Consumers have been battling the fine print of the Medicare red tape for so long that we’ve come to accept that it is broken, and we should just be grateful to have something, anything, that at least shows we have medical insurance coverage in light of the ACA mandates. It is sad, really, that we accept this. After working all those years and putting away something each paycheck to cover us in retirement, one would expect that the medical portion that has already been paid would be something we could use. But we can’t, instead forced to purchase and pay for a monthly premium for supplemental plans to fill the gaps. It’s downright criminal.

What Medicare Covers?

So, do you know what Medicare covers? It’s different for each consumer, as the contracts are both group in nature as far as enrollment plans are concerned, and private in that the billing is specific to your situation. It covers what you pay for, and nothing else.

What Does Medicare Not Cover

What does Medicare not cover? This question is just as equally important. It all depends on the policies you signed up for when shopping for supplemental insurance.

Medicare Coverage Summary

To best know how to discover your benefits coverage, review your annual Medicare coverage summary, the third sheet in your statement. Here you will find what you could be covered for if you have the policies listed.

Does Medicare Cover Surgery?

So, the question remains on what Medicare covers? It covers the very most basic of benefits, up to one doctor’s physical and one checkup. What is does best is show the inadequacies of the health care package sold to us all those years ago. But that ship has sailed, and the money is gone. There’s no getting it back. The really sad thing is that young folks are still required to pay into it. Government is supposed to work for us, it is after all representative of our needs. But we’ve lost the will to control it and those who would take advantage have taken over. Does Medicare cover surgery? IT will, as long as you have the supplemental plan in place. If it’s there, then you will be able to attach your surgery costs to your Medicare supplemental package, thereby letting them pay for it with your premiums covered and deductible out of the way.

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