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What Rank Do Military Doctors Start At

what rank do military doctors start at

The world of the military is often a mystery surrounded in a fog for most people. Civilians know that it exists, but it is much easier to go through life accepting that things get done that benefit them without them having to do anything about it. Then, when the days of remembrance roll around, they simply need to have a BBQ to make themselves feel as if they are sacrificing for the safety of this country as well. This system works for them, with their heads buried in the sand while others fight and die for their freedoms. There is also a medical corps within the military, and though not as sacrificing, they do serve a purpose. What rank do military doctors start at? We will look at this issue in the following article, so please feel free to do your part to keep our country free by reading it.

What Rank Do Military Doctors Start At?

So, what rank do military doctors start at? As with all new officers, they start out at the rank of O-1, with the designation being different depending on what branch of the service they go into. There are also internal promotions available, but these are few and far between. It takes a certain someone to become a military doctor.

Military Doctor Rank Title

Military doctor rank title are designated by the armed forces committees and by acts of congress. It can only become an issue if the officer is foreign born and in the US service on a special assignment.

Military Doctors Salary

A military doctors salary is the same as with every other officer within their rank. There are no special provisions for greed in the military medical field.

Military Ranks

So, what rank for military doctors start at? As with all incoming service members, they start at the bottom. For officers, this means a rank of O-1, and the actual title will be present depending on what branch of the service they are in. Now, that doesn’t mean they get paid more money, though. The pay is fairly low for officers just joining the service, and they will have to rise in the ranks through promotions in order to get paid more. Military ranks are how the service makes sense of who is above who in the service ranks when it comes down to delegation and responsibility. If this is the situation for you, check out your local recruiting office.

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