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Where Can I Find the Number to Obamacare?

Where can I find the number to Obamacare

Where can I find the number to Obamacare? This question is answered right here but before then, here are equally important facts that you should know.

During Open enrollment for the Marketplace, there are a couple of important things that usually take place. However, the most important ones are the changing or choosing the health insurance plan for the following year. Unless there is a qualifying life event, you cannot change your coverage in the middle of the year.

Where Can I Find the Number to Obamacare?/Quick Facts about the Marketplace

The number one fact to consider is that health insurance is a mandatory requirement by the law. According to the regulations enshrined in the Affordable Care Act, there is heavy tax penalties that you could face if found non-compliant.

For the children, the penalties are $347.50 and $695 for the adults. Alternatively, you could be slapped with a 2.5% of the total annual household income. Evidently, these are quite hefty and there is no reason that should warrant you being caught on the wrong side of the law. The bad news is that this penalty is scheduled to rise with the anticipated inflation.

Where Can I Find the Number to Obamacare/Compare Different Plans

There are also tax subsidies that the consumers are entitled to get. However, these will only be realized by those people who make their purchases through the state exchanges or the However, there are numerous ways in which you can shop for and compare different plans and what exactly they do.

Another important fact is that if you obtain your cover from elsewhere, the open enrollment period shall be slightly different. A majority of Americans in the recent past, for instance 82% in 2016, obtained their cover from either their employer, Medicaid or Medicare.

About the Tax Subsidies

The tax subsidies are mainly in the form of cost-sharing benefits which are provided by the government to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses on the side of the consumer. This is especially beneficial for the middle income and low-income earners were it not for this reduced cost-sharing mechanism.
It is very convenient that you don’t skip the enrollment period. But if you have already skipped, or there are several special events that necessitates change in your coverage plan, then it is important that you establish communication for the Marketplace for you to be guided on the way forward.

With that said, where can I find the number to Obamacare? You can get the Marketplace phone number by visiting their website Besides the contact information, the website also offers very vital information and guidance that will enlighten you on the benefits of the Marketplace Health Insurance and how it is meant for the good of all Americans.

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