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Which Countries Have Free Healthcare

which countries have free healthcare

So, which countries have free healthcare? This is a monumental list, as you might suspect, with the glaring omission of one key player in global politics. That would be the US, where a growing lower income bracket is required for the balance of the economy to remain where it is. A loss of the financial status quo would do little for those who have no money, so maintaining the balance of economics in the country is strictly in the interest of the wealthy. Maintaining a leverage over the lower income class, the wealthy are able to increase their own wealth through shady accounting and interest payments, no existing money, by the way, in order to keep getting wealthier. It all comes down to the cash in someone’s pocket that makes them viable as an interest for the politicians n this country.

Which Countries Have Free Healthcare?

So, which countries have free healthcare? That would be a list that includes nearly every nation on the planet, with the glaring exception of the US. Any other answer simply would be false information. Free health care is a right of freedom loving peoples as well as those living in dictatorial states.

What is Universal Health Care?

What is universal health care? It is the system by which the government facilitates medical care with no fees being passed onto the consumers. The health care is paid for through taxation and naturally shared resources.

Universal Health Care Cost

The universal health care cost is exponentially less than that of any other medical care system, simply because there is no profit margin written in to make the wealthy even richer.

Benefits of Universal Health Care

So, which countries have free healthcare? That would be practically every single one with the exception of the US, where medical attention has been weaponized as a financial tool of the wealthy. By allowing the system to adjust itself to serving only the interests of the wealthy, the people of this country are complicit in their laziness for allowing this to come to pass. Arguments from the upper class who say the change to a universal health care system are loud enough and well financed to keep the sheep in their pens at night, just waiting for the final fleecing. It is a travesty that the blind and ignorant have gained such a foothold against the betterment of this country. The benefits of universal health care are more than they will ever know, thanks to the choices they’ve made.

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