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Who Are the Top 5 Health Insurance Companies

who are the top 5 health insurance companies

With all the hot air surrounding the political influences of universal healthcare and the possibility of socializing the medical industry in the US, little has been said about the companies behind health care coverage in the first place. There are really only a handful of top players, with a smattering of smaller companies that are actually subsidiaries of the larger ones. From Liberty Mutual to United Health Care, each have their own small farm of independent contractors who do their bidding in exchange for a percentage of the sales and premiums paid monthly by subscribers. Who are the top 5 health insurance companies? The answer might well amaze you when you start putting these little chain bits together.

Who Are the Top 5 Health Insurance Companies?

So, who are the top 5 health insurance companies? The answers are stunning. In first place is the US government, through a series of shrewd manipulations to cause bankruptcy, bail outs and forfeitures, has become the largest owner of health insurance policies in the world. Second is the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, who’s recent buy out of chemical manufacturer Monsanto pushed it into that slot. Next is United HealthCare, who’s purchasing power from high premium rates allowed its cash flow to be directed into buying other insurance companies. Fourth is Liberty Mutual and fifth, believe it or not, is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Largest Health Insurance Companies by Membership

The largest health insurance companies by membership all fall within the control of the US government, thanks completely to the monopolization of the federal and state exchanges. It’s not too far a stretch to understand that the US government is the largest capitalistic corporation the world, holding assets beyond the rational; scale of fiscal accounting.

List of Health Insurance Companies

For an accurate and complete list of health insurance companies, log in to your federal healthcare exchange website and click on the offerings page. Here you can navigate to the comprehensive list of smaller insurance companies, though it will not show you who their holding companies are.

Private Insurance Companies

So, who are the top 5 health insurance companies? Not taking into account only private insurance companies, your top five in descending order are the US government, Bayer, United HealthCare, Liberty Mutual and finally BCBS.

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