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Who Does the Affordable Care Act Affect

who does the affordable care act affect

There are a few ways one can view the mandated health care coverage act called the ACA. The first is a rosy glow way, where it seems you can easily go online, chose an inexpensive policy and have coverage that ensures you won’t be penalized under the law. The other is a more realistic view is that as a consumer you are being strong-armed into purchasing a for-profit product that isn’t worth the digital paper it is written on. Both of course are cynical, but both are very true. In the end, you are always better off making your own decisions, even if civil-disobedience isn’t your cup of tea. However, with the state of the government ensuring that your voice carries less and less weight in the halls of power, you will be better off accepting that we are no longer a representative democracy but rather a dictatorship run by criminals. Who does the affordable care act affect?

Who Does the Affordable Care Act Affect?

So, who does the affordable care act affect? It affects everyone who needs to buy coverage to not be penalized under the law. The coverage is lousy, and the premiums ensure the reduction of wealth and the power of their voice in government.

Affordable Care Act Summary

A simple affordable care act summary revolves around the concept of removing wealth from the lower class. The benefits are there to quiet the voices of dissent and show that something is being done in their benefit.

Affordable Care Act Pros and Cons

Affordable care act pros and cons all revolves in the negative of reducing wealth among the working poor, and increasing the wealth of the oligarchs who run this country now.

Impact of Affordable Care Act on Health Care Organizations

So, who does the affordable care act affect? For the aspect of the government, it affects everyone below a certain income threshold. That means it is the choice made for the working poor by a government that no longer listens to their concerns. It is like providing bread to the declining roman civilization. Feed them scraps and accept that the end is near, so take all you can while you can. The impact of the affordable care act on health care organizations was a boon, where the population was forced into buying an over-priced product they don’t need to only further reduce their wealth.

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