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Who Has Socialized Health Care

who has socialized health care

Though much has been discussed in the US concerning the direction the country is taking, little of the conversation is centered around the practical side of socialized healthcare. The reason for this is that the media is sponsored by the wealthy, whose interests lie in maintaining a controlled status quo. By implementing an actual socialized medicine system here in the US, the wealthy would lose control over a cornerstone of capitalism, the direct and unequivocal standards related to a debit/credit system where health care is a major profit contributor. Without this guaranteed cash flow, the profit margins of the wealthy would falter, bringing back up the balance of inequality among the class wealth system. Who has socialized health care? Every nation on earth aside from the US.

Who Has Socialized Health Care?

So, who has socialized health care? The answer is simple to answer, because it is in every developed nation on the planet. Every single one. It is noticeably missing from the US simply because insurance and the feed trough of the debt and credit system feeds strongly from the expenses associated with health care.

What is Universal Healthcare?

What is universal healthcare? In its true sense, it is the availability of no-fee medical care, funded totally by taxes. It is a vastly cheaper form of care when compared with private or semi-private insurance, but there is no profit margin in it so it has not, and will not, take root in the US.

Universal Health Care Cost

The universal health care cost is exponentially less expensive to maintain than the overly complicated and loaded regulations protecting the capitalistic system developed by the oligarchs in the US government.

Universal Health Care VS Single Payer

So, who has socialized health care? That would be an easy answer to make, especially if the solution for free and adequate health care was something that was in the interests of the oligarchs who control the US government and economy. Every country on the earth with a first world, stable system of rule maintains a basic socialized health care system for their people, simply because it is in the best interest of the people. However, when looking at universal health care vs single payer insurance, the system falters simply because it is not in the interest of the politicians and ultra-wealthy to have a cash-generating system removed from their control.

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