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Who has the Best Hospitals in the World

who has the best hospitals in the world

Medical care is never the same wherever you go, and that comes from looking at not only facilities such as clinics and hospitals, but doctors as well. The private hospitals can pay big salaries for those that demonstrate talent and can then make big money for the hospitals. This is what happens when health care is privatized. The talent that can save your life goes to find employment at a hospital you never can afford. The rich keep getting richer and the working poor are lucky to remain at the same level, if not become poorer. Who has the best hospitals in the world? The answer might not surprise you as much as the reason why. In this article, we will look into this question and provide you with some answers.

Who Has the Best Hospitals in the World?

So, who has the best hospitals in the world? That would be the US, but these hospitals are private and only accessible by the very wealthy. The names you know well, so we won’t kick you in the shin reminding you about them here.

Best Hospitals in the US

The best hospitals in the US are generally centered on the east or west coasts, with a smattering in the heartland around Chicago.

Top 10 Hospitals in Asia

The top ten hospitals in Asia are also very good, but they tend to lose talent that travels to the US for employment and salary opportunities.

Mayo Clinic Best Hospitals

So, who has the best hospitals in the world? The answer is the obvious one, and the is the US. This is because of the privatization of health care and the big money saving someone’s life can be charged to a privatized health insurance system. They both feed into themselves in a mutually beneficial system. The regular hospitals you and us can afford are actually less than ideal in terms of the world’s health care practices, but with the ultra-wealthy using top tier hospitals, they draw the best talent from around the world, with everyone looking for a paycheck. Mayo clinic best hospitals lists are always generated with exclusive medical centers that are out of reach of the average family’s price range.

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