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Who Is Covered Under Medicaid Expansion

who is covered under medicaid expansion

With questions surrounding the actual eligibility laws within our federally-subsidized health care system, it is little surprise that the field has to have an inherent database of information, one that is accessible by the service providers, that is pre-approved as responses to our questions. The veil of secrecy and distraction must be maintained for the system to continue to work the way it does, and having such a pre-approved, party accepted line of answers is critical to maintaining the balance of the system. It is how we are expected to maintain our sheepish behavior, how we are kept under control. Information is power, and the point of the federal government is to remove all power from us and maintain it form the halls of government and within the living rooms of the ultra-wealthy. Who is covered under Medicaid expansion? This is the real question, and one we will explore in depth in the following article. If you wish to lift the green curtain, now is the time to do it.

Who Is Covered Under Medicaid Expansion?

So, who is covered under Medicaid expansion? Anyone who can legally demonstrate a need for the program would be covered with a legal application and approval. Qualifications vary slightly from state to state, even though this is a federal program, so speaking with a counselor is usually the first step in the process.

Medicaid Expansion ACA

Under the Medicaid expansion ACA rules, the ability of a consumer to apply for Medicaid has increased, meaning that more slots have been opened up for more people to apply. This doesn’t mean, however, that the qualifications have changed for acceptance.

Medicaid Expansion Timeline

The Medicaid expansion timeline was immediate. Once the law was passed, the gates were opened for a way to accept more applications for the program. There has been no expansion, however, in the funds to make the program work.

Medicaid Expansion Pros and Cons

So, who is covered under Medicaid expansion? It is those who previously didn’t qualify for the program. The Medicaid program is designed to assist those who are completely destitute and therefore having nothing in the way of personal wealth of assets they can sell to afford help. To leave them to their own resources is something that the government doesn’t want, as it would cause an uprising. The Medicaid expansion pros and cons revolve around what choices cause the least damage to the profits of the wealthy. By providing a slim package of health care, the poor feel they are being taken care of and therefore relinquish their voice in government.

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