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Why is ACA Important

why is aca important

We can expect a great deal of debate and rhetoric this election season concerning health care. Yes, we’ve seen it before, but this cycle it has come first and foremost as a suitable talking point for the talking heads. Corruption aside, the discussion will all be revolved around who is going to pay for it. Folks agree that a health care system for the people by the people is important, but the mentality of who will receive credit for making it work will be the undercurrent of all debates. As such, we might want to ask ourselves a few questions. Why is ACA important? What are the problems with the affordable care act? Was Obamacare a first step or a step backward? In this article, we will look at these issues and hopefully provide you with some non-partisan answers you can use to make up your own mind.

Why is ACA Important?

Then, why is ACA important? It was a step in the direction that is a hard path to follow. Meeting both the needs of the consumer for whom the government works and making a profit for the corporations who own the government. It is a failed system, but it tried. That is what makes it important.


Obamacare will be restructured first, then torn down and replaced. A universal health care system is simple to enact. But impossible to pass because there is no money in it. Removing the profit-margin is the only way to proceed.

Affordable Care Act Summary

If you wish to learn more, visit your ACA web page and scan for the affordable care act summary. It says some wonderful things, but it is all misleading. The system is as corrupt as the government that put it in place.

Problems with the Affordable Care Act

So, why is ACA important? It is important because it is an attempt, albeit a poor one, to bring sense to the capitalistic culture of healthcare. Before the 1980s, it was outright illegal to profit from medical care. This all changed, and the big hospital corporations and insurance companies developed to become multi-national conglomerates bent on reducing consumer wealth dramatically. It isn’t a political party divide, but a wealth and status divide. The problems with the affordable care act revolve around the for-profit nature of the system. Everyone wants good health care and coverage without going bankrupt. But the rhetoric has hijacked the conversation in order to make whatever system replaces the ACA just as lucrative for the wealthy.

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