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Why is Affordable Healthcare Important

why is affordable healthcare important

Few things in this life as a consumer in our country are certain. Of course, beyond life and death, we have taxes to look forward to. Most recently, we have learned to expect that it is a penalty to not have a working health care plan to care for ourselves and our families. Though the issue stems from a need for the insurance companies to make more money, it also comes from a practical place as well. Few are financially capable of paying for the full bill on a health care need. A doctor’s office visit or two might be sustainable every few years, but to look at seeking help for a serious illness of injury is a sure path to ruin or your budget. Say goodbye to your life savings if you have any left. Say hello to debt collectors, foreclosure and destitution. Why is affordable healthcare important? It is the saving grace that keeps the wolves at bay, with a savings plan of sorts being doled out minus interest if you ever have to see a physician for anything.

Why is Affordable Healthcare Important?

So, why is affordable healthcare important? It used to be a fundamental right of all consumers in this country that their medical needs would be met, at least those of a critical nature. But, with the coming of the 1970s, the government changed the laws, allowing hospitals and insurance companies to make an unregulated profit off of care. This changed the field, and a loss of a basic right was felt.


With Obamacare, it was the first attempt to play both sides of the fence. On one hand, the needs of the people might be met. On the other, the profits of the insurance companies were protected. It was a failed experiment, as the pricing went unchecked.

Affordable Care Act

The next step for the affordable care act is yet unknown. Some believe it can be fixed while others feel it should be scrapped and something new put in its place.

Why is Healthcare Important?

Then why is affordable healthcare important? IT used to be that health care was a reasonable cost, where the system disallowed hospitals and insurance companies from making a profit off of their practices. This is no longer the case. Now, medicine is one of the most lucrative businesses a company can be in, simply because there is an innate need for someone to see a doctor now and again. Why is healthcare important? We are mortal beings, and caring for ourselves and our progeny is written in our DNA.

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