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Why Medicaid is Important

why medicaid is important

The separation of the wealth classes becomes more pronounced day by day. The reduction of security for the working poor is an established goal of the wealthy, as with no funds, there is little chance of opposition voices in government. By allowing a system to flourish where money buys the most votes, the essential end-game is the shifting of power away from the people and into the hands of the oligarchs and corporations that have bought our country. Unfortunately, we have no one to blame but ourselves, where laziness and reliance on a system that promised to be for the people, by the people instead warped into a system determined to hold power for itself. Though some aspects of the government assistance programs remain in skeleton form, they hold little of the same benefits as they once did. Why Medicaid is important? It is a reminder of the promises of a nation built to foster equality. Through all of the changes of the last twenty years, all we have left are the memories of how it was supposed to be.

Why Medicaid is Important?

So, why Medicaid is important? It acts as a snapshot of what our promises were, that all were created equal under the law and those who needed assistance would receive it. There is no more benevolence in the world, but instead only greed and a grasp for power and control.

What is Medicaid?

What is Medicaid? It is the ghost of the nation we were supposed to become. Now, it is a sink of money going into the pockets of the wealthy so that they can becomes even more powerful in the halls of government.

Negative Effects of Medicaid

The negative effects of Medicaid are evident today with the failures of our governmental ideals. By accepting the control of the oligarchs running rampant through government, we are all the poorer for the decisions we ourselves made.

Medicaid Explained

So, why Medicaid is important? It is a significant reminder of the way it was supposed to be, where the wealth was checked and the ultra-rich not only assisted in the development of the poor, but found ways to raise the standard of living among all citizens. We are instead at a loss, allowing poor education and a weakened global position. The power in the world rests with the wealthy and unskilled. The financing comes from the working poor. We are in a place where there is not enough money in the world to pay back all of the student loans. Medicaid explained as a social system of benevolence is a sham.

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