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Why Obamacare is Good

Why Obamacare is Good

There are several reasons why Obamacare is good for Americans. It is surprising that many people are not aware of these benefits. The main purpose of Obamacare is to lower health care costs over time. This post will offer more explanation about the activities of Obamacare, its essential benefits, amazing facts about it and how you can be part of it.

What is Obamacare?

First and foremost, what is Obamacare? It is a nickname for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ACA. It was signed into law in 2010 by the former American president-Barack Obama. Obamacare was used by the government to form a model for transforming the disorderly and ineffective US healthcare system into a highly efficient one.

The provision of coverage for millions of Americans who lack health insurance is the primary goal and a major reason why Obamacare is good. It does this by offering private health insurance via online marketplaces as well as providing substantial federal subsidy to pay the premiums. In addition, Obamacare mandates health insurers to cater for basic services like cancer screening and require them to accept people with pre-existing conditions.

Why Obamacare is Good

Having briefly explained why Obamacare is good, more will be explained extensively in this section. Obamacare performs the following additional benefits:

• It makes insurance affordable via the provision of subsidies.
Obamacare provides tax credits for people in the middle class (below 400 percent of the poverty level). It also limits out-of-pocket costs for an individual and family plan.
• It emphasizes preventive care.
Obamacare further cut costs by mandating all insurance plans to cover ten essential health benefits. Much of this coverage is preventive care that is required to be provided at no cost.
• Obamacare improves how health care is delivered.
It does this by directing Medicare to change how it pays doctors and hospitals and also pays for every test and procedure that people get. As a result, hospitals, doctors and pharmacists now work together in a comprehensive approach.

Facts about Obamacare

There are some facts about Obamacare which many people don’t know. Some of them are listed below:
• Obamacare is otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act.
• The federal government spends over $1trillion on health care alone, which is more than any other budget item.
• It lowers the cost of Medicare and Medicaid.
• It ensures that plans can no longer exclude those with pre-existing conditions, companies can no longer disengage the sick, children can enjoy their parents’ plan up till 26 years of age while annual and lifetime limits are eliminated.
• In Obamacare, the middle class benefits more than the poor.
• 60% of eligible Americans for Obamacare subsidies don’t even know it.
• Illegal immigrants cannot benefit from Obamacare.

How to Apply for Obamacare

Below is a guide on how to apply for Obamacare:
• Apply online by visiting here. Then, proceed by selecting your state.
• You can call the marketplace on phone to apply. The marketplace phone number is 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325).
• You can also visit a trained counselor in your community who can assist you with enrollment.
• Finally, you can opt for a paper application via mail.

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